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Customized Gadgets Get Done More For Less

HTC Kaiser aka AT&T Tilt With all the latest craze about smart phones, led by Apple’s iPhone, most consumers are sucked into a never ending craze of updating, switching, getting new ones and so on. Given the tightening budgets it may not be the best way to save. On the other hand, mounting pressure to get more things done can be devastating if your gadgets aren’t giving you the best they can.

What’s the solution? As always, squeezing the maximum juice out of existing hardware with new software.

This passed weekend I was busy doing my homework. Currenly I mostly use my AT&T Tilt, and couple of problems that’s been bugging me is lack of normal mobile browser (SkyFire just doesn’t cut it) and poor reception. My point was that without a decent reception any browser is useless. Thanks to the fact that I am deeply in love with HTC devices since my first smartphone (Verizon XV6600 aka Blue Angel), I keep purchasing devices backed by the same manufacturer (BlackJack being the only exclusion because I wanted Tilt and it wasn’t on the market yet when I switched providers). There’s a great resource for anyone looking to enhance their HTC manufactured device, called XDA developers forum. However, as with any geek-powered resource, there’s plenty of technical information in which any ordinary user would just drown.

In a next few articles, titled “Customizing Your Smart Phone” I will try to explain the process and technology behind it in simple terms, so that us, ordinary business users, would understand and make use of the technology long available but less perused.

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Great article! I have to admit, I haven’t customized my smartphone because I have the patience of a flea. Your article is a great help. Every business owner should have a smartphone.

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