Fellow web designers!

    Fellow web designers. Please hear me! During recent active browsing, where I got to see many pages that I wouldn’t usually come across all my web browsing senses were offended. Below is the humble pray to the designers and their clients who may have, unintentionally, forgot about the visitors.

  • When you design those fabulous web pages, please test them on more then just Internet Explorer. Firefox and Safari must also be included in testing. Not because I said so, but because a lot of people use them. For most of us, the “other people” Firefox IS the main browser of choice. And by the way, the major IE version is already 7, not 6.
  • When you create pop-up windows, please make sure I can resize them. If I cannot see half the window, especially with the buttons “Buy” and “Order” – you are loosing revenue. Aside from the general idea that pop-ups are bad, they are twice as annoying if I cannot see what you are trying to show me.
  • When you create flash-based web sites, please make sure the new window you are trying to open won’t be resized with the rest of the windows I already have opened. Not only it is EXTREMELY annoying, it is also look like very bad manners.
  • When you open that flash web site in yet another new window, please put an explanation – why do you need three separate windows to open single flash animation. Maybe when you read that explanation to yourself the stupidity of the moment will hit you back. Wish you could survive the blow.

Best of luck! Oh, and don’t forget to test your luck in three major browsers.