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Clients who want to be clients

Subliminal message - iStudioWeb BlogInteresting note on generating leads from Patrick Schaber. I would just like to add that prospective clients, while registering, are – conciously or subconciously – suggesting a way you should contact them. For example, if someone wants you to e-mail him, he will almost inevitably mess up his phone number. If another one wants you to call her, she will garble the e-mail address.

Subliminal messaging is just like the body language. Once human species moved on to a new living environment (that is – internet) they immediately adopted their body language habits to new setting. Instead of real emotion we are using smiles. Now, instead of body language we alter the information about us that we transmit.

So while advertisers are trying to come up with ads with subliminal messages built in – we, regular human beings, are being subliminally back to them. Neat, isn’t it?

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Debt Of The Entrepreneur

Unless you were born into money, one way or another you get into debt. For most of the people it’s manageable debt – revolving accounts (also known as credit cards), small and big loans (also known as car financing and mortgage). But the whole bunch of people are suffering from unmanageable debt (the one that leads to bankruptcy). For some people the thought of debt is so heavy they don’t even do anything about it. Others become refugee entrepreneurs, escaping from debt into running their own business.

Debt Negotiation, debt consolidation and debt help are considered lesser evil. They don’t usually pay your debt for you, but they refer you to services that may help. How it works for them is that they either buy your debt from your creditors for less then amount you owe thus making a profit. Alternatively, they negotiate easier repayment terms under the assumption that bank has high chance of not seeing their money anyway.

Any debt is like a swamp – you better off not get into it, but if you got yourself in there – get out as fast as you can.

Small Business Money

Start Ups (unless we’re talking about Silicon Valley creatures) usually financed through three main sources. They usually identified as triple-F: Friends, Family, Fools. However, when entrepreneur exhausts these sources, he may either go for debt (getting bank loan) or equity (inviting investors). Having debt is better for a small start, if the entrepreneur is sure that his venture will bring the money back. Equity means giving up part of the company, whereas even bad credit loans with high APR could be a better option for refugee entrepreneurs to retain 100% of ownership of the company.However, before agreeing to be hit with sky-high percentage rate on bank loans, make sure you get your credit history and score from three main credit bureaus. Personal or business credit cards may turn out to be a better option.