How Washington Times Will Survive During The Crisis

If your mass media source is struggling during these hard times – look at Washington Times to learn how to survive. Not that I would follow the implied advice and switch to Geico. In fact I would be very wary in doing so given that the company resorts to such methods of advertising.

geico ad placement

Full article talks about Warren Buffet’s stance on current economy status (Buffett says economy fell off a cliff) and results of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s subsidiaries. In case the article will disappear you can look at it in Google’s cache.


Offline-Online Promotion For Small Businesses – Part 4

Mini CD Find Me If You Can - iStudioWeb BlogThis wouldn’t be a guide to promote your small business offline, but rather a rant of small business owner who tries to do something good – and not quite succeeded.

Yesterday I spend a good hour and a half searching for small CDs at local stores – both computer oriented and those selling office supplies. While regular small CDs were sporadically available at certain merchants, the business card CDs were nowhere to be found. At a single store only I was able to find a mini-CD in quantities over 8 pieces for 8 dollars.

The story with CD labels was even worse. If you are looking for regular-sized CD labels – you are all set pretty much anywhere you go. But if you thought you could find labels for any other CD size – think again!

Overall I visited around 8 stores, 5 of them were Staples and Office Depots, three others were BestBuy, DataVision and CompUSA (that was a sorry view). While trying to order labels online at Neato I almost got hit with a charge of $50.01 for shipping on 200 pages of two sorts of labels. The amount itself was about 40% higher then the price of labels.