Back from the New Year celebration. The A95 is great, I’m already thinking of selling my Fuji S2 Pro because I can’t get same results as fast as I do from the pocket camera… Sometimes you just have to whip the camera and take a picture… with A95 it takes 5 – 10 seconds to power up camera plus the shutter lag. With S2 Pro it takes around 2 seconds to power up and take the picture, only the picture would be either over exposed or something else or I don’t know what… Thinking of trying Canon 20D for that matter, maybe Canon, after all, IS BETTER then the Nikon? 🙂

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SQL or not?

Okay, it wasn’t SQL server’s fault, I just counted the lines in the file incorrectly. But now we must find the missing $500,000… Nice, isn’t it? I wish they were “auto-magically” appear in my pockets. Heh…

While on the subject of tech news – my Creative Xtra Zen mp3 player ceased to work. Whenever I try to Reformat All/Reload OS/Reset/Clean Up is responds with “Hard disk problem” message. Oh, boy, I know what that means…

Have set up my own hosting for blogs, probably should start moving there now, since sometimes it’s almost impossible to get through to blogger. And when I can – dang! – the moment has passed.


What’s up with SQL server?

Does anyone knows what kind of weird misbehavior went into my installation of MS SQL 2000 Developer’s Edition? After loading four files into the same table through DTS the only data that remained in the table was data from last file, everything else has vanished… I’m puzzled.