Browse Month: May 2006

PR Games

Let’s play some PR games here, he-he 😉 – PR=4 – PR=4 – PR=4 – PR=4 – PR=4 – PR=4 – PR=3 – PR=3 – PR=3 – PR=3 – PR=3

Something to proud of

Client called in today, I almost could see him shine through the phone headset. He said that all three of his web sites combined receive something around 5,000 visitors per week.
Was very worried about his competitors calling me for web site design 🙂

While you were sleeping…

Skype has introduced free calling within US and Canada. I am currently testing both Skype and Gizmo, even bought phone numbers from each service, so people with real phones can call me too 🙂

So far the testing shows that Gizmo still has plenty of space for improvement. Call quality is inconsistent – I got three calls from same land-line phone – all three were different in terms of quality, ranging from horrible to acceptable. Skype’s call quality usually just above that – ranging from acceptable to excellent. However, I haven’t done any tests over modem or cell phone connection (due in next couple of days).

P.S. Don’t forget a nice headset, it helps a great deal!