8 Web Design Mistakes That Developers Make – Turn Mistake Into Challenge

An excellent website takes a particularly savvy blend of both great design and great code. Because of this, you often find designers having to figure out code and developers trying their hand at design…

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Great article if you are involved in web design and if you read it thoroughly. I must admit – in our web design studio we sometimes get carried away with using free fonts and free images. However, the problem (at least sometimes) isn’t our laziness or not knowing any better.

Most problem arise with such “bad behavior” are tied to our inability to persuade clients not to use widespread imagery. At times it gets all but funny – “it worked for them, it will naturally work for us“. Naturally, it won’t. We’re getting better at explaining things to our clients, but we’re not flawless yet.

This, however, poses another opportunity to be better then competition. Alright, we’ll use that image you’ve seen a dozen times, but we’ll try to do it the best we can. So that the next time you see it on someone else’s web site, you would recall our client, not that other web site. Use that image to create a point of origin.

Creativity doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be creative.


Don’t Panic!

Don't Panic - Blog As I was almost going to bed tonight I (again) checked the PR in my trusty Firefox SearchStatus bar and to my dismay – it went down to 0. Of course I got puzzled and annoyed. First thing I did was going to Google Webmasters Tools to see if there is anything wrong with the blog.

Right I was! Turns out – when I changed the design of the blog I forgot to submit the site for verification again, since the old verification method was creating a specific meta tag. Obviously, with new template the meta tag was gone, which sort of angried the Google monster 🙂

Word to the wise. If you one of those people who enjoy tweaking your blog’s design instead of watching TV – don’t use meta tag verification method.

Now, if I only did it AFTER Google dance, not a week before…

No dip in website traffic though. Maybe not yet.


Qumana Blog Editor

Qumana Blog Editor Review - iStudioWeb BlogFor the second round of blog editor software reviews I decided to go with Qumana Blog editor. Available at, this free software is available for both Windows and Mac OS platforms. Current version as of writing this post is 3.0.1. The software is written in Java. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it forced me to install Java run-time on my laptop in order to even proceed with install.

SEE IMPORTANT UPDATE at the end of the post!

Externally, Qumana Editor is not really different from Zoundry. The interface looks more contemporary and buttons even have bubbly glow. However, editor allows same basic WYSIWYG functionality. Two tabs below the editing window let you flip between editor and source view.Tags for WordPress are inserted in the actual text of the post. I am no WordPress guru, but I am sure it’s done a little different. Default Times New Roman font for WYSIWYG editor looks horrible and there is no chance of changing it without changing the actual post.