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Some more about bad ideas

Working with client who recently lost his web sites due to some complications I have discovered yet another great example of how stupid ideas can make it all the way up. There’s this provider I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with, – especially on West Coast. In order to figure mail server names I went to their support pages…

Guess what? The “customer friendly” web site has all the help articles and forms to open via JavaScript. So if you finally made it to the article you were looking for and wanted to bookmark it (yes, some people do that) – tough luck, sorry, dude, can’t help ya. Oh, and if you were hoping you can just copy-paste the URL and at least get to the tech support index page – no can do, nope, nicht, nein, nyet. If you try that you simply get an error. Sometimes I wonder if people who do this do think at all… reminds me of a centuries old anecdote about a letter writing clerk who didn’t write letters to destinations he wasn’t willing to go. Reason – his writings could only be read by himself…

“No way out”. On the bottom of the page is says “Powered by Support Soft”. Good job, folks. Keep it soft, we’ll take it from here.


Long Weekend, Short Week

Hot. Sleepy. Aggravated.

P.S. Tired.