Browse Month: September 2006

VR Goggles/Glasses

What ever happened to that technology? I was just handed a potential project that could use such things and – wham! – NewEgg, Amazon, BestBuy just don’t sell them. People what to pay real money for VR Goggles, problem is – no one sells them. Fascinating 🙂

New IBM/Lenovo T60p

Finally my brand new toy has arrived and I am spending enormous amount of time on moving stuff from two old 60GB hard drives to one new shiny 100GB drive. So far the system looks much better with 1600×1200 native screen resolution and Intel® Core Duo processor T2700 (2.33GHz) plus 2GB of RAM.

By the way, speaking of RAM. Laptop refused to hibernate, giving me a “Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API” error. Being a geek myself I immediately (as time permitted, ofcourse) googled the problem. One of the first results was this post that answered my question quickly and easily. It turned out that due to large amount of RAM installed (2GB) Windows kernel was unable to allocate enough resources to hibernate. Read it and weep.

After patching system seem to hibernate normally. 3:20am, I can go to hibernate myself for four hours. Finally.