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Old case, new case

Just called Lenovo for the status of my old laptop repair. So far they only got the replacement fan yesterday and fixed the whole unit today and shipped it today as well. In the meantime, they moved to new software so now reps look up orders in two versions of support software, giving wrong trouble-ticket numbers and messing up other stuff.

Good news – I’m putting Vista and Office 2007 Beta2 on my old laptop tomorrow.

Bad news – need to sell the old laptop ASAP.

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Updated blog

Updated blog with Beta version of Blogger. Also, changed design a little.

So far, the system looks a little friendlier, with labels (aka Tags), design editor and other nice things. However, I was unable to put an AdSense banner under this blog’s title area. Strange.

Despite the promises – not much real change in Dashboard. A little cleaner, though. Settings page looks less crowded, which is also nice.

One MAJOR change – no more “wait while your blog is updated”. That’s an improvement! Thank you!


Michael Jackson outsorced his video clips!

Amazing! Michael Jackson was way ahead on outsourcing then most US corporations. Watch the proof!