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Someone up there loves me

Yes, someone up there must love me, here’s the HTC Advantage that is large enough to read/view/game away plus it acts as a GSM cell phone. Just the answer to my yesterday’s rant. Well, at least to the first part.

The only two noticed problems are the weight/size (damn, with 5 inches of screen real estate the thing weights around one pound) and the price – Amazon has them for $849.99. CompUSA all sold out, unfortunately, as I was going to try to hold the thing in my hands. Obviously, it will be quite hard to hold it during a lengthy conversation, so bluetooth (or wired) headset is a must. I got two of bluetooth headsets plus one wired, so recharging shouldn’t be an issue here. Judging by reviews the PDA is large enough not to fit in small pockets and I hadn’t noticed the option to carry it on the belt.

My contract with Verizon expires on August 18th, so if by that time Verizon will not come up with something decent (and judging by some leaked information – it will not) – I’m switching my main Zealus phone from Verizon to (most likely) Cingular – it’s the only company I haven’t been a customer of yet.