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Updated blog

Updated blog with Beta version of Blogger. Also, changed design a little.

So far, the system looks a little friendlier, with labels (aka Tags), design editor and other nice things. However, I was unable to put an AdSense banner under this blog’s title area. Strange.

Despite the promises – not much real change in Dashboard. A little cleaner, though. Settings page looks less crowded, which is also nice.

One MAJOR change – no more “wait while your blog is updated”. That’s an improvement! Thank you!

blog spam

Bored with spammers

Bored with spammers. Bored with deleting their comments from the blog. Wouldn’t it be good if each caught spammer besides monetary damages would suffer some more disgusting consequenses. For example – had to spend one month for each thousand of unsolicitied letters in cleaning pig farm or something similar. If not for teaching them, then at least that’s gonna make their life stink, just as they do to us.

blog technology

SQL or not?

Okay, it wasn’t SQL server’s fault, I just counted the lines in the file incorrectly. But now we must find the missing $500,000… Nice, isn’t it? I wish they were “auto-magically” appear in my pockets. Heh…

While on the subject of tech news – my Creative Xtra Zen mp3 player ceased to work. Whenever I try to Reformat All/Reload OS/Reset/Clean Up is responds with “Hard disk problem” message. Oh, boy, I know what that means…

Have set up my own hosting for blogs, probably should start moving there now, since sometimes it’s almost impossible to get through to blogger. And when I can – dang! – the moment has passed.