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Blogging Editor – Crazy Wish List continues

In continuation of Blogging Editor saga – here’s some crazy ideas that I think worth mentioned. Not sure what would be the best course of action – write the whole thing up and pass it to someone who can create a piece of software or jump on this project myself. The problem with creating the software myself is that I do programming for Windows only. And a lot of bloggers use Mac. And I don’t even have Mac, and never had.

  • Have different flavors of the software – Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Have two types of software – free and paid
  • Probably outsource free version, while paid would have more elaborate features, targeted to Pro bloggers
  • Have the software to back up posts and tags into some sort of database that can be accessed without the software itself (like OpenOffice database or similar)
  • Ability to work with all major blogging platforms, including WordPress,, LiveJournal, Xanga, Vox, Blogger and so on.

Hacking WordPress theme – external URL for post title

Sometimes something weird happens – I demand something that isn’t available. With software it’s easy (that’s how I got into computers), you dig in the code and you tweak and hack around until it does what you want.

When I just started this blog on Blogger quite a while ago, there was this feature that allowed to set up a link for your title – in case if you don’t want the title of the post to link to external resource. Why would you do it – whole another story, but it was just possible. With WordPress, even matured to version 2.3, it is still not.

I have decided to dig in and figure out how to do it with as least effort as possible. I have no idea how to build a WordPress plugin yet and I didn’t really have time to figure that out. So I decided to go hacking. Through various resources on the web I figured what needed to be hacked and how. Initial idea was to leave core files untouched and hack the theme only, so any time you upgrade your WordPress installation the feature remained untouched.

The only two places you will need to touch are functions.php and main index file of your template. This is such an easy process that almost any can do it in under 15 minutes.
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Blog Editor – Wish List Continues

One more thing to add to my Blog Editor Wishlist is To-Do list. Or ability to have some tags for offline use only. For example, if you have a large topic, like web design, there exist a huge number of nuances that you can cover. Given that you know what you are talking about.

Let’s say you are writing about how much CSS means for design and as a side thought you realize that it would be good to elaborate on inline vs. inner vs. external styles. By the time you’re done with post or article, you may already forget about it. But in our editor you right-click on a word (CSS, in our example), select a menu “Create a To-Do Note” and fill in fields where you would specify what you want yourself to do in a future.

Pretty neat, right?