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Spam… a LOT!

One of my current clients – russian-speaking radio station are preparing to move to a newer, faster server. One of the problems they are facing is e-mail migration.

For certain obvious reasons I want them to have a copy of all archived e-mails that they have stored on the server. They’re using plain old POP3 mail boxes with web mail access. As it turned out today – most of the mail was NOT deleted (and is not being deleted, for all I know) and kept in inbox. We’re talking about 18,000 e-mail messages, 99% of which is spam. Why? I wish I knew.

So now, second hour in the row together with client we’re cleaning their mailboxes from spam.
Because, you know, there might be a diamond in the rough…

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Bored with spammers

Bored with spammers. Bored with deleting their comments from the blog. Wouldn’t it be good if each caught spammer besides monetary damages would suffer some more disgusting consequenses. For example – had to spend one month for each thousand of unsolicitied letters in cleaning pig farm or something similar. If not for teaching them, then at least that’s gonna make their life stink, just as they do to us.