Travel to Chicago, again

Wednesday morning, if all goes well, I will be leaving to Chicago. I am taking two PDA phones with me, one connected through Verizon and another one through AT&T. It will be interesting to compare speeds and services on both networks outside of the New York City. I plan to watch for network flavors in La Guardia airport, Midway Airport, Chicago suburbs and, maybe, some spots in Chicago itself.

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Traveling Willberries

As I was traveling to Arizona for New Year holidays, I discovered a great trick-in at Pointe Hilton in Phoenix. It’s easy – build a hotel in such a way that cell-phone reception is hardly present, charge $10.00/day for limited internet access and $24.95/day for true high-speed broadband and voila – you get even more money then if you tried to trick guests with those $2/minute phone charges.