Free web hosting

Some times you get a request that’s just so plain impudent, that you can’t even say no… Consider this – guy asks for 2GB of space, 15 GB of traffic for free hosting. Fine, I don’t mind that, no problem. But the concept there is to get money from the ads to move to normal paid hosting. So not only he doesn’t consider my hosting to be “normal”, he’s telling me that once he’s done eating off my plate, he’s gonna go spend those money some place else. So he gets hosting, money from ads, people to his web site and I get – nothing?

Something’s not kosher here.


Designer’s misery

As we work on a brand new russian-speaking portal (in fact it is planned to be bilingual) I had a task for one of the designers to create a logo that would incorporate some sort of russian ancient hut, such as house built of wooden poles… Sounds simple enough, designer is russian, he knows what the hut looks like since 50% of all tales deal with a hut in a woods…

You have no idea what kind of strange and miserable constructions I was presented with. Just the least scary ones:

Is this a hut or what?

If I lived in woods, I would not like to live here...


Talk about bait and switch

Talk about bait and switch. Hired a desiger to redo the design on After a week of “hard” work he IMs me and offers instead of creating the site to the specs, another thing, build completely on flash… It’s like if you went to McDonalds and ordered a double cheeseburger for 99 cents they waited for half hour and instead of your order offered you a Big mac for $5.95 + tax.

Having your own business is so much fun… I couldn’t have imagined…