Administering web store databases – the inside out look (continued)

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Since the client is in some sort of the rush before his niche shopping season starts he needs a solution ASAP. The newly acquired web site generates orders that he unable to fulfill given the outdated inventory and pricing.

We’ve offered to create an offline database (MS Access would be a good choice for this case) that will keep the current inventory and extract in into three different importable packages for each web site.

Why Access? Because it exists on almost every computer, and if not – it’s very easy to create a distributable package for Access database. One more serious advantage is that Access doesn’t require any additional licenses to sell end products based on Access. Built-in tools allow very easy importing and exporting data, creating reports and developing forms thus decreasing development time. More under the cut…


Administering web store databases – the inside out look

Database administration - www.istudioweb.comThe long delay in posting was caused, as some of you might have guessed, by the fact that we got ourselves a busy client (at least for now). We’ll see how it all go, but so far I was faced with an interesting dilemma. Or, rather, was sort of presented with the task to solve.

Our newly signed up client owns couple of web sites that are being fed from the same database. Administering these two sites is a breeze, since any product that has been entered in one immediately shows up on another. The administrator’s interface combines both web sites, so there are no surprises so far.

On his next step this businessman decides to create another web site. This one is fed from a different database, since it was a new team of developers who created this store for him. Additionally, the admin interface is not as friendly as the first one, although the feature set is the same. It’s worth to say that all three web sites are developed on PHP/mySQL platform. The story unfolds under the cut…


Cleaning Up

    Lack of action leads to actions lacking sense. Christmas and New Years happen to be very close, so all operations at Zealus were a bit slow. Which led us to a (not so bright idea) to reanimate an old forum that was set up for Russian community web site that never took off.

So the forum has been set up and is operational under new name – Zealus Community Forums. Registration, of course, is free, but there will be paid areas eventually. Right now there is a paid forum with expired domain names updated daily. Subscription costs $5.99 per week or $19.99 per month and readers of this blog may contact me directly for 20% discount on monthly subscription.

There will be, also, some areas for our clients’ discussion forums. They not necessarily may be in English, so don’t get scared right away.