Browse Month: November 2008

Advertising: Microsoft vs. Google

Spotted this beauty in one of the RSS channels. Speaking of war in online advertising, it comes as a very handy argument.

Advertising: Microsoft vs. Google
Advertising: Microsoft vs. Google

Need I say more? 🙂

Hacking WordPress – Link In The Title (update 2)

As I have just figured out after some of the upgrades the external link in the title hack was, indeed, broken. In fact, I am somewhat puzzled, as it worked on some of my installations and didn’t work on others.

It turns out that the method of obtaining the permalink for the post is returning the canonical URI no matter what permalink system has been set up (I use custom on this blog). For example, even if you have something SEO-friendly, the code

$perm  = $post_id->guid;

would still return as a link to this post. The right way of doing it now (before WP 2.7 arrives) is change the above line to:

$perm  = get_permalink($post_id);

That’s it. Should work.

P.S. Updated the downloadable txt file. Click here to view.

Post Halloween Web Trends

After Halloween long gone and other holidays coming on, I went through Google Trends to see what the trends say. Turns out – Halloween is the most important costume and party holiday. As you can see from the picture above, there is a very strong spike on each Halloween for all three words: “halloween” (blue), “costume” (orange) and “party” (red). There’s no spike on Christmas, no spike on 4th of July, no other spikes as far as I can see.

Note to entrepreneurs – it’s a good idea to set up an emergency costume delivery, or even mobile costume stores. Shouldn’t be a big problem and the higher markup is well justified. Either deliver something ordered online or set up a mobile store so that the whole block could shop.