Post Halloween Web Trends

After Halloween long gone and other holidays coming on, I went through Google Trends to see what the trends say. Turns out – Halloween is the most important costume and party holiday. As you can see from the picture above, there is a very strong spike on each Halloween for all three words: “halloween” (blue), “costume” (orange) and “party” (red). There’s no spike on Christmas, no spike on 4th of July, no other spikes as far as I can see.

Note to entrepreneurs – it’s a good idea to set up an emergency costume delivery, or even mobile costume stores. Shouldn’t be a big problem and the higher markup is well justified. Either deliver something ordered online or set up a mobile store so that the whole block could shop.

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More fun with Alexa and stats

As any blogger I can’t help but look at the stats now and then. At certain moment I realized that I don’t see Alexa in list of visiting search engines. I also realized it’s wrong. So I ventured in depths of my memory and just before hopelessly sinking there I remembered someone posting about Alexa redirect and how that helps your Alexa score.

What I did was I gave out just one redirect link ( to our friends’ blog on a not very crowded forum and watched stats afterwards. In just several hours I saw a tremendous boost in Alexa’s “curiosity”. Alexa was going over the site like there is no tomorrow, superseded by Google only (but who can beat that guy, eh?). For last 8 days (since the blog became active) Google hit it 143 times, Alexa 93, Yahoo 65 and – 27. Comparing to this blog where Alexa also wasn’t showing up – pretty impressive to me.

So I have set up some more redirect links to two aforementioned blogs and will keep watching what will happen by the end of the month.

UPDATE: Alexa’s redirect doesn’t work now. Guess it got abused too much.


Blog year-end stats recap

Blog Year-end Statistics Recap

The blog is, of course, much older. It’s just that I a) start taking it seriously and b) moved it to the WordPress on a separate domain from Blogger around May. And, obviously, started blogging more often. I dropped Hits from the chart because it doesn’t really give an idea of how traffic is flowing to the blog, since Hits in Awstats (that’s the package I am using) counts in all hits on the web site – search bots, pings, etc.

End of the year is a good time for such a recap. Hope the next year will bring more interesting articles and more joy to both the author and the readers of this blog.