With only about 12 hours of year 2009 left to spend, I guess this would be a good time to wrap up. Since my latest trend was to change this blog’s focus from smaller, more often posts to larger posts made more seldom and random. Hopefully by next year I will find a balance between the two, as I get a lot of things I want to share but not that much time to do it.

2009 was a good year in terms of learning from our own successes and failures. A lot of things got tested, some of them got broke and we saw what needs work, what has to be done to improve ourselves and things around us. We got our priorities right, we got our work laid out in front of us and as the old Soviet saying goes: “Goals have been set, tasks have been determined – get to work, comrades!” So, we are at work to make 2010 better, improve on our success and make our failures affecting us less. 2009 clearly showed that our existing approach to work with clients is definitely a success, since even in these harsh economic times we got our old clients as well as new ones come to us with more work than ever before.

2009 was also a good year to assess our own strengths and abilities. Like any business doing their regular SWOT analysis, we did ours and realized there is a lot of potential, there is a lot more that we can offer our existing clients as well as new ones. So one of the goals we set for 2010 is to refresh our strategy and our competitive offering. More things coming through the pipeline, so stay tuned.

Have a happy New Year!