Got installed the AdSense ads into the blog. Will see how it all runs, then probably will start doing some more web development. Hopefully that will bring in some money to pay for breakfast cofee… oh, wait, I can get it for free in company’s pantry… then bages, maybe?


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Dose Adsense work ? I mean i hear a lot of ppl who have these google ads installed say they received $xxxx in cheque .. but how dose it work.. do u see visitors to ur site really click those ads ?

Yes, it certainly does. However, I just installed it and on the resources that don’t get much clicks (like this blog for example), but it does earn some little fortune 🙂

Why? Just apply for it and usse it. It doesn’t cost a dime and you will be able to see for yourself. That’s one good thing you can use for free 🙂

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