Are You Tired Of Browser Wars?

Browser Wars - Actual Browser Share by www.istudioweb.comIf you answered “yes” to the question in the title – I don’t believe you. Everyone likes controversial topics to fight on. So here’s my blow to those who think Firefox will rule the world.

If you click on the image to the left you will see the two graphs. They are the same, I just made them into two different pictures so it would be easier to view. These are browser shares (in per cent) from actual visits to one of our clients’ web site. Data has been taken from Awstats screen, pasted into Excel which provided us with these neat browser share charts. The web site itself is positioned on top of the first page in all main search engines, it’s pretty much a leader in it’s niche, thanks to the efforts of our web design studio.

The dark blue represents MS Internet Explorer version 7.0 and is responsible for 47% of all visits. The dark red represent MS Internet Explorer version 6 and totals 33% of all visits. The total for Internet explorer, all versions, is around 80%. The dark orange piece is Firefox with 14% of all visits. The teal-like color (the smallest significant piece of pie) is Safari, accounting for 4%. For those of you who really must know – Opera accounts for 0.23% of all visits. For comparison purposes – the IE’s share from January last year was around 88% (almost 8% drop), Firefox (all versions) – around 8% (6% increase) and Safari – 2.4% (less then 2% increase).

As you can see from charts there is a lot of uncovered ground for alternative browsers and even for IE itself. The market that our client is serving to is very vague in accepting new and unknown things. Apparently the resistance to change shows on the radar in many places – like browser usage.

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IE will dominate in next future, for obvious reasons. Interesting can we see 50% at some point?

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