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Pricing Structure

Not sure if I am the only one who get clients like this one, but hear read me out.

Potential client calls and asks for a pricing quote. We assess the scope of work and present him with certain numbers that we think are reasonable and well thought. Clients immediately (i.e. without any sort of consideration) replies that “5 years ago someone else did the site for this guy for XXX dollars, why are you charging more?”.

Indeed, why?

sales technology

VR Goggles/Glasses

What ever happened to that technology? I was just handed a potential project that could use such things and – wham! – NewEgg, Amazon, BestBuy just don’t sell them. People what to pay real money for VR Goggles, problem is – no one sells them. Fascinating 🙂


Weird people that sell hosting

Yeah, weird. How else would you call these guys that don’t return phone calls, don’t respond to e-mails of their clients? They seem to be too big to notice small clients that have invested in whole year of hosting. And instead of making another sale they just ignoring it. Good, I’ll make a sale on this.