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IMified in the blog

IMified (www.imified.com) is a really neat (as I am currently discovering) tool to post to various services via assortment of instant messengers, namely AIM, Yahoo, MSN and Jabber/GTalk. Additionally, WordPress, Blogger (as you can see) and bunch of other sites are supported. Not sure if I like the idea of posting to web services via IM, but when on the road this tool might really be helpful.

Amazon FPS

Last Friday I have signed up for Amazon’s FPS (no, not First Person Shooter), but Flexible Payment Service. That’s about all the news I have for now, but we’re working on an e-commerce web site that probably will be using AFPS for payments. Stay tuned.

Impress me

There are (mostly) two ways of telling a story. One (the common approach) is to lay out the dull facts. Another is to lay out the facts in such a form that will keep me (or anyone else for that sense) interested. Dish depends on a sauce, as we all know. The only reason I remember that French Navy fleet won one (and the only) battle while protecting US from Great Britain is because it was told in an unforgettable way.

The problem, it seems, is that now “audience” has seen it all. What’s the sauce of the day?