Don’t Panic!

Don't Panic - Blog As I was almost going to bed tonight I (again) checked the PR in my trusty Firefox SearchStatus bar and to my dismay – it went down to 0. Of course I got puzzled and annoyed. First thing I did was going to Google Webmasters Tools to see if there is anything wrong with the blog.

Right I was! Turns out – when I changed the design of the blog I forgot to submit the site for verification again, since the old verification method was creating a specific meta tag. Obviously, with new template the meta tag was gone, which sort of angried the Google monster 🙂

Word to the wise. If you one of those people who enjoy tweaking your blog’s design instead of watching TV – don’t use meta tag verification method.

Now, if I only did it AFTER Google dance, not a week before…

No dip in website traffic though. Maybe not yet.