Google Wave: What’s The Use?

Following up on my previous post about Google Wave I think it worth mentioning that Wave is good for more than just tracking your projects and activities. So here’s my own bold move – I am going to collect all the uses for Google Wave I could find. Feel free to suggest more, don’t limit yourself to currently available features.

  1. Project tracking, basic project management. Tie in a simple robot and you will even have some stats.
  2. New way of scheduling, where everyone can immediately see what the options for meeting are (I am not talking just about business meeting, pizza party from Google’s own example serves just right)
  3. Threaded real-time discussions, sort of like forums of bulletin boards, but without a need to refresh to see if there are any changes.
  4. Chat rooms, public or private.
  5. Blog posting tool, when the stream of blips is available as blog posts, wavelets are categories and you can still have fun with tags.
  6. Collaborative document editing, similar to what we saw in Google Docs, but with emphasis on collaboration and team work.
  7. Journal, such as workout log or (dare I say it?) captain’s log!
  8. Tweeting from Wave!

Feel free to add more in comments, I will keep updating this post as I will dig out more.