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Many, many, many things happen

While everybody and their grandmothers write about Vista release – I’ll write of other important things. First – there is this totally geeky thing that I would love receive from somebody. I cannot even reiterate how much I would love to see it on my table.

Another thing was this absolutely hilarious video. I can’t stop laughing and it took me around 5 attempts to just finish watching the damn thing.

While you’re on YouTube, watch this – it’s nowhere near funny, but actually is a very good prototype of the “next-gen” interface. I’d love to see it implemented when I’ll be buying my next ThinkPad.

Maybe I’m getting my hopes too high in terms of schedule availability, but I plan to attend one-day start-up school.

We’ll have a range of experts speaking on all the things you need to know to start a company: what makes a good startup idea and where to get them; what to look for in a co-founder; how to get angel and VC funding; how to incorporate a company and what agreements founders should have among themselves; when and how to apply for patents; what can go wrong in a startup; what acquirers look for; and how the acquisition process works.

Loved this presentation. You will, too, if you haven’t seen it before.

And just before this post was out – found this interview with Lee Dodd, forum owner, who

once famously posted a check in excess of $220k for 3 months of earnings

Stay tuned.