Migration Complete

Migration from Blogger to WordPress is complete, thanks to great importing tool in WP. Although it wasn’t easy, this is the way it worked:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Login, go to Manage->Import to import all posts from Blogger to that account’s blog.
  3. Assign authors. Since I am the only one author here, this was easy.
  4. Manage->Export all posts to the XML file.
  5. Login to your hosted WordPress blog.
  6. Assign authors (again!).
  7. Manage->Import from WordPress, browse for downloaded XML file.
  8. In my case – deal with Uncategorized posts (that I had the majority of), took me around couple of hours to assign them to proper categories/tags.

Last time I touched WordPress was more then a year ago, so I was glad to find out that WP looks better then ever. Number of useful (from my personal perspective) plugins is finally catching up, I was able to find, install and set them up in no time, the blog engine itself is very fast and still good looking.