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Monday morning

Yeah, the election day is tomorrow and nobody seem to care about anything anymore. Personally I’d like to see someone else winning then some Texan cheater, but hey, that’s not even up to me.

During this weekend talked to some other folk to see if I was right about the attitude I was getting from the Russian guys and was totally supported. Nice to see the business is not only about making money, but also about making a good impression.

Strange thing about other guys who bid on my project. Where it clearly states that the budget is fixed, they nevertheless put their own price on things. Fun part is they feel discriminated when I tell them I have a budget. Cheapskates.

Some teams are so anxious to get the job, once they get my e-mail, they started sending me their ideas on the web site WITHOUT EVEN HAVING THE SPECS! That’s funny, because if I don’t like their ideas I’ll turn to others and they don’t even want to have a chance to look at what I, as a client, may want. This activity looks like premature ejaculation of some sort. C’mon, guys, save it for a proper moment. You’d please much more then.

Continuing on a subject of carding. I have bookmarked the carders’ web site last year. Yesterday went to it – it’s still up and perfectly running. Either web hosters who keep the site on their servers couldn’t care less or there’s some major twist in people’s minds that I totally missed. I mean – no matter what they tell you about not paying by stolen cards you may as well be their next victim. Not sure if banks would go for this, but I have a plan. It sort of like hiring ex-hackers to harden security that they themselves had breached. Instead of paying high insurance premiums and reimbursements, why not secretly purchase all those stolen credit card numbers and silently alter the accounts affected. It would cost much cheaper then making up for it, at least from my prospective. It would also give banks the edge on alerting insecure vendors that they have security flaws. All in all it would benefit both consumers and banks. If any bank wants to implement such a security measure I’ll be happy to do the research for them.

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Speaking of Election the guy is back in seat.. 🙂 With all those anti-war demonstrations and other rallies .. I wonder how he’s managed to get back to power..

Did u come across the asshole.jpg (Bush pic) on CNN & Netscape site .. 🙂

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