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Sometimes some people can set me off, even though I am very patient and calm person. First they didn’t like the project. Then they didn’t like the terms. Then they didn’t like the payment amount. Then they didn’t like the payment time frame.

Had to give in to the last resort – mentioning that they are not the only developers around. Worked like a charm.

My girlfriend finally gave me my 3-year-aniversary gift, the Canon A95. It’s small, cute and 5 megapixels. It’s so convenient, I plan to take it everywhere now… If only it was a little faster, the shutter lag is humongous… But then again – it produces images with great quality, so if there’s a need to show a designer how an establishment looks like – there’s nothing better then this. And it’s not as heavy as my other camera (Fujifilm S2 Pro, weights around 2 lbs.), so it’s really a pocket wonder.