Quick Friday Recap

One thing that truly amazes me is what people search on this blog. A lot of spam-beloved words, the reason why – escapes me.

From the outside world this blog is being bombarded by queries like “outlook 2007 to thunderbird” or “outlook 2007 thunderbird” or “export outlook 2007 to thunderbird” (all within top 10 of queries). The answer is here: Outlook 2007 to Mozilla Thunderbird conversion.

Another big bunch of people are searching for domain. Well, it is for sale if the price is right. Click here to contact me. Alternatively, you can offer a donation that would make the web site (about sitcoms) up and running. Either way – we all win.

Last, but not least bunch is divided by two interests – HTC Advantage 7501 (truly amazing device, but a bit too bulky for every day use – learned it the hard way) and people who are looking to install Pandora on Windows Mobile devicesĀ (an amazing service, pretty much the only radio I would like to listen all the time). Preferably for free.

Newcomers this week are attracted by new posts dedicated to .NET technology that I’ve been using for a lot of time now. Since this seems like a great interest – there’s more where it came from. Stay tuned.