Qumana Blog Editor

Qumana Blog Editor Review - iStudioWeb BlogFor the second round of blog editor software reviews I decided to go with Qumana Blog editor. Available at, this free software is available for both Windows and Mac OS platforms. Current version as of writing this post is 3.0.1. The software is written in Java. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it forced me to install Java run-time on my laptop in order to even proceed with install.

SEE IMPORTANT UPDATE at the end of the post!

Externally, Qumana Editor is not really different from Zoundry. The interface looks more contemporary and buttons even have bubbly glow. However, editor allows same basic WYSIWYG functionality. Two tabs below the editing window let you flip between editor and source view.Tags for WordPress are inserted in the actual text of the post. I am no WordPress guru, but I am sure it’s done a little different. Default Times New Roman font for WYSIWYG editor looks horrible and there is no chance of changing it without changing the actual post.

There is no button for <!– more –> tag. It just isn’t there. Spell check in this software also unaware of plural form of the word “blogger“. It is a shame for a blog editor version 3.

Uploading of the image works like magic. Although developers couldn’t resist to doing things their way. In order to align image to the left (like I did below), you have to specify RIGHT alignment in image properties window. Why is it done this way – beats me.

Blog manager allows import of last ten posts only. If you want a backup of old posts – forget it. While navigating the list of posts – don’t count on arrow keys, mouse is your only friend. You can manage multiple blogs, but the whole “management” consists of posting to those blogs and looking at last 10 posts anyway.

Additional perks of this blog editor include DropPad and Q-Ads. First is a huge icon hanging on top of other windows. It allows you to drop pictures and texts for your next post. Sort of like Garbage Bin for your blog. Q-Ads is (borrowing explanation from Qumana’s web site):

Q-Ads is an advertising network focused on bloggers – it’s a way to insert keyword-driven ads into blog posts, templates, and static pages.

In simple terms – this is how developers want to get paid back. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I have no idea what they will be inserting and how.

Overall, Qumana is extremely simple editor. If you need notepad for your and your wife’s blog it may be useful, but if you need something serious – steer away to better solution.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: When I first tried to publish post the editor hanged my laptop. Not sure if it was one-time thing or a regular bug, but – sorry, Qumana, good bye…