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Search keywords – revelations from AOL

After widely known AOL’s mishap, when certain search logs got available to public, the data spread around like crazy. Ofcourse we’ve got a sample for our internal use. Analysis had revealed the following:

– most people need another search system to find Google, Yahoo or MSN. Apparently somebody out there is actively working on a search system to find AOL.

eBay seems to be second most popular search term (after Google, ofcourse). Nobody knows where it is, but we know it’s out there somewhere!

– People hooked on AOL really need to get a grasp on reality and stop searching for ‘internet‘ on AOL. It’s out there, really! AOL is a part of it, not the other way around.

– a lot of people are looking for weather. Open the damn window, it’s closer then you, nerds, think!

MySpace is another major search term (number of terms, actually). Really, Microsoft should make it much easier to remember to attract more people.

– surprisingly enough another hit term is “bank of america“. Why? Why? Why don’t people look for “free money” or “free lunch” is beyond comprehension.

– it’s amazing how some search terms are aligned. Sorted by frequency descending here’s the list further down:

  • white pages
  • maps
  • porn
  • sex

Obviously – not all make it to the finish line… poor people. Next sequence is even more dramatic. Just look:

  • games
  • irs
  • orbitz

I’ve heard that because of recent events the tickets to Mexico are really cheap.

That’ll be all for today, thanks, you’ve been great!

Yours truly,