Sometimes I wonder (again!)

Sometimes I wonder, what makes people take the job, promise to make something, after the allotted time tell you that you didn’t promise them enough pay. Not only that is stupid, it is also very non-professional. Since you’ve agreed to the terms – it is expected that you will abide by them. How would it look if you’ve done a job, but then I would say that you didn’t do it good enough and just wouldn’t pay? That would be wrong, indeed, so why do people think that if they spend your time and then tell you “you’re not paying enough” you would offer them more? Just because they are so great that they can’t even accomplish simple design? Amazing.

Another wonder comes from message boards. You post a message to hire a freelancer. Those who have been turned down (or even those who thought they would) start telling others that you are not professional. Who cares? Do they think they are the only ones who can design web sites? There’s a good word that perfectly describes these actions and the word is “masturbation”. Those who want to get paid – they ask for terms. They may like the terms or not, but that’s a whole another story. Weird people, weird indeed.