Continuing the work on, installed the banner management system, finalized the layout so it can acommodate more banners. Now it will have long and short banners on top, two large skyscrapers on the right. Possible that will be some space on the bottom, between the end of the forum and forum stats. Now the security and content 🙂

Update: See this post for more info!


Clients, clients, clients

“Client doesn’t know what he wants until he sees what he gets” – that’s sooo right!

They had this terrible yellowish design with tons of useless flash buttons and very heavy scripts… Yuck! Now it’s going to be stylish, neat and clean… and they hesitated because they used to old yucky thing… poor them, they don’t know what a bad web site could do to their reputation, but lucky them, we are going to prevent that 🙂