What the brown can do for you

Before my planned leave to Ukraine I have ordered several items from eBay (couple of laptops, PDA, quad-band cell phone, accessories, etc.). Everything, except for laptops was to be delivered by UPS. And almost every delivery got messed up. Notes for packages got switched with one another. Packages were delayed. Packages were not delivered on promised time. 24 hour customer service several times in the row condirmed that thay cannot clearly communicate with local station that is responsible for delivery. Local station has no control (and no way to communicate to) delivery trucks. Delivery truck drivers lack English language skills. Overall – each delivery was major hassle, a lot bigger then finding proper item, winning an auction and getting the stuff mailed as soon as possible by contacting seller directly.

For some magic reason carriers like FedEx, DHL and USPS never had any problems finding my location. UPS, on the other hand, hires drivers who never attended English reading classes, so they perceive 1 street and 1 floor as randomly interchangeable entities, have no idea what “Leave with neighbour” means and, apparently, lack general intelligence.

Order something. Ship it through UPS. See what the brown can do to you.