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Domain for sale – again!

If you are in limo, party bus or exotic bus industry, or know someone who is – than this announcement is for you. As I have discovered recently, one of the domains I possess and utilized as a testbed for a party bus and limo web site (because it’s short and convenient) turned up as high as on a top of a second page on some limo bus related queries in Google.

I know there are some people who may need this domain more then I do. So I am totally open to anyone willing to purchase that domain from me. Just bear in mind that it’s a good position if you don’t have anything near that, it’s a short 4-letter domain without low-quality letters and I am willing to let it go fast.

Having said all that – make me an interesting offer and next thing you know: your web site is alreay on a second page.

P.S. Unfortunately, I cannot sell the design and pictures for the web site that’s there (they belong to my client), but the core (scripts and database) are all yours. For an additional (negotiable) fee I even help you make your best to retain the position while updating the web site with your information.

Network Solutions Plays It Dirty

So, after all this time it turns out to be true – someone DOES snitch domain names at the time of the search. Guess who that might be? Some anonymous hacker? Wrong! It’s one of the largest domain name registrar – Network Solutions. Multiple blogs and other sources confirm that NetSol preserves any .com name searched through their web site for at least 4 days “to protect customers from front-runners”.

What it looks like to me is that whenever any company feels too comfortable at the place it is bad things start to happen. But off with the generalizations. I have some clients who have some domains registered through Network Solutions. After a hit like that the company might do all kinds of crazy stuff, so I better have those domains secured at other registrars.