The Book I Am Reading Right Now

In a surprising turn of events I have ordered a bunch of reading for fun. While it definitely seems like one of the last batches of actual paper books I am buying, they still worth the reading.

The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book – everything they say in this book is so obvious I’m almost positive you have never thought about it. And once you start thinking about it – you realize how much you have been missing. The book I linked to above is an older version (my professor recommended it), but there’s a newer version of the book available, called Emotional Intelligence 2.0. As far as I know they significantly overlap, but since I haven’t read the second I can’t really tell which one is better. From my point of view – as long as you get one of them you should be all set.

The book talks about Emotional Intelligence in all aspects of life – personal, career, family. Unlike other, more systematic books, this one doesn’t provide with any recipes or formulas “Do this umpteen times and you get a promotion”. It rather points to the reader himself in an attempt to stimulate observations and monitoring. Like in that story, where the patient says “Doctor, when I do this – it hurts”, and doctor responds “So don’t do this” – that’s the only recipe in the book, but what the book does good is it dissolves complicated cases to reveal what is it that you do that make you hurt. It’s an easy reading, so I highly recommend it. Also, including with the book is a code for online emotional intelligence EQ test, so if you want to know where you stand – give it a go.