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Get A Coach!

The second part of our blogging day happen to be dedicated to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at ActionCOACH. They are a team of successful businessmen who coaching entrepreneurs. Their task is providing advice and knowledge. Their goal is to push your business to higher level of success.It worth noting that not many startup entrepreneurs appreciate having a coach – for different reasons. However even two of the most successful entrepreneurs – Google founders – hired an executive coach Eric Shmidt. They needed “someone old and mature in the company”. Even big boys need someone to look after them.

Coaching for your business is, of course, completely optional. Have you seen a professional, top-class athlete, without a coach? Hardly. And there is a reason for that. It’s expertise, experience and understanding.

Entrepreneurship Quiz (plus a really good book)

Guy Kawasaki posted in his blog a link to a really neat test – Entrepreneurship Quiz. Nice and short – it gives you an approximate idea on how well you know the state of entrepreneurship and its history.

I scored 35%, even though I just completed a class just in that – Entrepreneurial Management. Definitely should buy the book – The Illusions of Entrepreneurship. For just $26 all you wanted to know about entrepreneurship but were afraid to ask would be in your hands.

Does anyone knows – why did I take a $600 class?

Small Business Loan

As taught by my professor at Small Business Management class – Small Business Loan is the hardest thing to get, especially when you don’t have a proven track of successful and established businesses behind you.However, SBA – Small Business Administration helps you to obtain loans with little or no collateral and with as little of (or bad) credit history as it gets. After all – dire straits is a good incentive to start a new business.Any help in securing a necessary finances is much appreciated – by upcoming entrepreneurs and existing small businesses. Especially the way the some companies do it, by requiring no collateral and (with good FICO score) almost no documentation (“the stronger your Credit History, the less documentation you will need to provide“). If you have a business to run, one more hassle you just don’t need is keeping up with paperwork. Trust me, I am business owner myself.

You can apply for a loan right on their web site via secure web form. There are two fees – application and consulting – due upon submitting application and application approval respectively. Other then this – the process seem to be very transparent. Oh, and there is no fee for cancellation, which must be a good thing.