eBay’s new feedback policy angers sellers but there is no real alternative

Heavy sellers are upset about eBay’s recent changes to the feedback policy. And they should be: it’s hard to carry on a conversation when only one party gets to do any real talking.

However, there is no real alternative, at least the way I see it. Part of my web development company‘s clientèle wants e-commerce web sites – natural web stores to sell their stuff. Some of them are heavy eBay sellers. They always were more focused on selling on eBay then selling through their web site, since eBay has more natural ways of reaching buyers.

So now that I think of alternatives to eBay, since some of the members suggest to “take business elsewhere” – what “elsewhere” are they talking about? Professionally designed web store that is able to accommodate large volume of buyers isn’t exactly cheap, so what alternative do you REALLY have?

UPD: My discussion on eBay forums.