The Year Of A Blog

Looks like we’re a little late to the party, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have our chunk of fun. In addition to the blog we set up earlier for Don’t Date That Guy – not just one, but two more blogs emerging on our servers.

One will be in Russian (sorry, folks), and will deal with weight problems that Russian immigrants (especially of older age) are dealing with. Unfortunately, their life in former Soviet Union wasn’t as bright as our lives here and now. Science of dieting was not popular and not many people could afford to eat as healthy as we are now. So, we hope that by creating this web site we will provide valuable and necessary information for our own parents and relatives. Stay tuned, the launch is scheduled for February.

Second upcoming blog (hopefully) will launch approximately at the same time. It is targeted to a more younger crowd, people who are bored with existing places they go out to, but not sure where to go instead. Now, don’t confuse it with Zagat survey, it will look more like Events section from Village Voice then CitySearch listings. Plans are (so I heard) to include a lot of free or very inexpensive places. As it turns out not – not every 20-year old kid drives a Ferrari and makes a fortune on eBay.

Not sure if disclosing our future plans is a good idea, but it would be a nice experiment to see how things turn out. Zealus Web Design always tries to support our customers’ ideas and provide them with insights and knowledge of things they would otherwise have a hard time figuring out.