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Stupidity goes on

Now I have 33 e-mails, saying same thing… can’t they just get the message?

Okay, now it’s there, on the web page. No Chinese forums, no Hong Kong message boards, no Japanese communities. If I can’t read it, I can’t validate content. If I can’t validate content – I can’t be sure you are not in violation of the US Laws. And NO, your word is not good enough, I’ve been lied to so many times that even letter from your prime minister will not convince me. We want to provide the space and bandwidth to people who need them to set up their web sites, online stores or portfolios, not to those who are going to spread spam, scams and illegal porn. If you want someone to host that – ask some one in Russia how to do it and for a small fee they will gladly guide you through the entire process. No need to waste your and my time. Let’s be realistic.

How dumb some people think other people are?

Right now I have 12 e-mails in the inbox of the free hosting offer mailbox, almost all of them look nearly identical. Something like this:


Reason: freebie

Name: wu

Address: feiwu

Phone: feiwu

Message: Can open the same of space me to do the yellow forum 么 !Thank!If can of words! Please the letter of reply:

More e-mails like this:,,,,,,,,,

It’s just hilarious to see the same guy (the 163 domain) sending same e-mail over and over again. Is it really that difficult to find a free host who DOESN’T care what you put on his servers? I care, therefore I will not approve inquiries that have entries like this:

Address: zhongdongcun27

Phone: rouqingjingwang

Yeah, I was really looking forward at dialing that fantastic number!

Web hosting requests

What makes people to post requests like these?

Platform: Linux

Space: 1000 MB

Bandwidth: 30GB

Control Panel: yes

IP Address: no

Email Accounts: unlimited

Database(s): unlimited

Expected cost: 1 per year

Right, like someone is really going to give them free hosting like this. The forum seems pretty empty. I mean if the forum would have been up to the resources, then sure, it would make a lot of sense to give the guy what he wants for banner on his pages, but with overall 42 members… I have my own forum, it has 55 members and it takes approximately 300 Megs of bandwidth, not to mention space… and only one database.

On the topic of forums… recently spoke with guy who wanted me to host Chinese forum for free. Two words – get real. Such forums consume enormous amount of resources, oftentimes host illegal wares, porn or both, there is no way for English-Russian speaking host to determine what’s behind those signs they call hieroglyphs, and you want all this hassle for free? You are stealing hundreds and thousands worth of software and you don’t even want to pass the savings? Curse, curse, curse πŸ™‚

Trying to figure out how to work out the free hosting idea. So, if you happen to stroll by this blog and happen to need a free hosting – contact us through our web site and we’ll see what we can do for you.