How dumb some people think other people are?

Right now I have 12 e-mails in the inbox of the free hosting offer mailbox, almost all of them look nearly identical. Something like this:


Reason: freebie

Name: wu

Address: feiwu

Phone: feiwu

Message: Can open the same of space me to do the yellow forum 么 !Thank!If can of words! Please the letter of reply:

More e-mails like this:,,,,,,,,,

It’s just hilarious to see the same guy (the 163 domain) sending same e-mail over and over again. Is it really that difficult to find a free host who DOESN’T care what you put on his servers? I care, therefore I will not approve inquiries that have entries like this:

Address: zhongdongcun27

Phone: rouqingjingwang

Yeah, I was really looking forward at dialing that fantastic number!

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