Radio Silence

Bad news – the radio I used to work with will probably go offline, if they will not be able to find enough sponsors to support them. Too bad, they’re nice bunch and their programs are much better then their competitors, it’s just that competitors have enough money to buy out their time spots.

As an alternative, there is a 24×7 online radio broadcast, the option they are now considering. Hopefully they’ll settle for something soon enough to advertise the decision while they still can. The bright side – much more people will be able to hear them.

annoyances clients

Updates by the pound.

What I like my clients for is not only the money they tend to forget to pay, but for all the fun I tend to have meeting their requests. By all means – I’m happy to provide the services and whatnot. What amazes me is how fast the ideas and demands are changing 🙂

annoyances business clients

Problems, problems, problems.

The real-estate web site that I have moved to a newer server suddenly started acting up. The JavaScript stopped working, but not all the JS on the whole site. Just one little piece that by not working pretty much makes half of the site useless. Moved back because of the annoyed client.

Next step – putting up a brand new web site on a brand new domain name. Plus – adding some features to ColdFusion based web store (I wish I had at least a slight idea about this damn CF thing). Plus – making next web site with the same product we just finished web site for.

Oh, and all this while searching for more clients. God, I love this life 🙂