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Always look on the bright side!

On the subject of SEO (search engine optimization) – found very interesting conversation on one of the russian forums that discussed doorway making as opposed to “white” optimization methods for web site promotion. Basically, doorway making is considered “black” kind of a deal because it’s cheap, it’s fast, it’s effective and it messes up search engine output. “White” methods are just as effective, but slow, expensive and don’t mess up search engines’ output. In other words – the truth is somewhere in between, I suspect. Those, who need immediate results use cheaper and faster methods while more stable companies will use more expensive but more “stable” results.

Speaking of “more stable” results I recalled that some time ago the US Robotics web site was swarming with invisible text, invisible keywords, invisible links and other “dark side” stuff. Checked it today and the stuff has magically disappeared. Probably recent events with played huge role in that…