Zealus Is A Helper

Yeah, somebody had to brag about how good we are, why don’t I do it myself 🙂

A very good friend of mine asked if I can help him set up some Football (as in soccer) Team Manager web sites for two leagues he’s in. Needless to say I was eager to help and within days both and were set up thanks to the folks that develop Joomla and Mambo content management systems.

Basically both systems still bear very similar look, components and modules are still compatible with both (developers promise they’ll ruin that in Joomla version 1.1 due later this year), system can literally be set up in minutes and I never even imagined having enough time to see all the templates that were developed for Mambo/Joomla. In fact, at some point I was very tempted to use Mambo to run our own Zealus web site.

So far, both sites are running (in addition to core components) guestbook and comments components, admins are thinking of using some photo gallery, although I am not entirely sure as to what exactly they are going to put there.