Free web hosting

Some times you get a request that’s just so plain impudent, that you can’t even say no… Consider this – guy asks for 2GB of space, 15 GB of traffic for free hosting. Fine, I don’t mind that, no problem. But the concept there is to get money from the ads to move to normal paid hosting. So not only he doesn’t consider my hosting to be “normal”, he’s telling me that once he’s done eating off my plate, he’s gonna go spend those money some place else. So he gets hosting, money from ads, people to his web site and I get – nothing?

Something’s not kosher here.

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Windows Hosting is down

Yeah, it’s that time of the life when shit hits the fan HARD! The provider for Windows Hosting went down without notice… And IS down still for almost a week. Then we lost several clients, and finally decided to abandon the whole windows hosting thing and concentrate on Linix/PHP/mySQL in addition to web design services that we offer. Feel sorry for clients though.

Now the second part of the game – contacting 2Checkout for refund and cancellation, since the hoster ( doesn’t respond.


How dumb some people think other people are?

Right now I have 12 e-mails in the inbox of the free hosting offer mailbox, almost all of them look nearly identical. Something like this:


Reason: freebie

Name: wu

Address: feiwu

Phone: feiwu

Message: Can open the same of space me to do the yellow forum 么 !Thank!If can of words! Please the letter of reply:

More e-mails like this:,,,,,,,,,

It’s just hilarious to see the same guy (the 163 domain) sending same e-mail over and over again. Is it really that difficult to find a free host who DOESN’T care what you put on his servers? I care, therefore I will not approve inquiries that have entries like this:

Address: zhongdongcun27

Phone: rouqingjingwang

Yeah, I was really looking forward at dialing that fantastic number!