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Windows Live Writer Blog Editor

windows-live-small Next in our blog editor review is Windows Live Writer. Not sure what’s the version I am still downloading five minutes after launching a setup, but I hope it’s the latest one.

(5 minutes later) It’s the version 1366, which have to be updated to version 1367 via Microsoft Update. Downloading patch separately isn’t possible. You have to watch out for these things, you know!

The installation of this blog editor software wasn’t even close to the simplicity of previous packages. First – you have to download the installer. Then installer searches for Windows Live Writer installations on your computer and then downloads and installs updated core version. Then you have to go through Windows Update to …emm… update Writer to the latest version. Obviously, Microsoft doesn’t look for simple ways of doing things.

During the install process I noticed that Microsoft, being an innovator everywhere, uses the term ‘weblog’ instead of more common ‘blog’. Guess it makes some sense to people at MS, but it totally escapes me. While installing the Writer itself, the installer offered to poison my laptop with Messenger, Mail, Toolbar, Photo Gallery and Family Safety modules. I politely declined. Upon finishing the installation, the setup program decided that now it has powers over my machine and opened Windows Live homepage without even asking. But I expected that anyway.

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Small Business Money

Start Ups (unless we’re talking about Silicon Valley creatures) usually financed through three main sources. They usually identified as triple-F: Friends, Family, Fools. However, when entrepreneur exhausts these sources, he may either go for debt (getting bank loan) or equity (inviting investors). Having debt is better for a small start, if the entrepreneur is sure that his venture will bring the money back. Equity means giving up part of the company, whereas even bad credit loans with high APR could be a better option for refugee entrepreneurs to retain 100% of ownership of the company.However, before agreeing to be hit with sky-high percentage rate on bank loans, make sure you get your credit history and score from three main credit bureaus. Personal or business credit cards may turn out to be a better option.

Learning by self

Not sure if I got to tell it on this blog, but I still go to school. I am a part-time student at Baruch College which is part of CUNY system. My major is Entrepreneurial Management. I am an average performer at school. Learning in academic environment things that I was supposed to know from running my own business is a tricky thing.That’s why I always preferred to learn on my own, even if that results in lower grades.Any self-learning tool, including online courses, computer based training, manuals, forums and FAQ lists are only as good as the person who’s reading them. That’s why whenever I make another mistake – there is no one else to blame except for me. No matter how good CBT course of manual has been compiled.