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Always look on the bright side!

On the subject of SEO (search engine optimization) – found very interesting conversation on one of the russian forums that discussed doorway making as opposed to “white” optimization methods for web site promotion. Basically, doorway making is considered “black” kind of a deal because it’s cheap, it’s fast, it’s effective and it messes up search engine output. “White” methods are just as effective, but slow, expensive and don’t mess up search engines’ output. In other words – the truth is somewhere in between, I suspect. Those, who need immediate results use cheaper and faster methods while more stable companies will use more expensive but more “stable” results.

Speaking of “more stable” results I recalled that some time ago the US Robotics web site was swarming with invisible text, invisible keywords, invisible links and other “dark side” stuff. Checked it today and the stuff has magically disappeared. Probably recent events with played huge role in that…

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Zealus Linx Catalog

We have moved our link catalog that used to be located at to it’s own separate domain – (We like to call it Web ADVert net). The idea behind it is that there will be three different types of links stored. Free (via redirect script), direct (plain paid and clients) and direct (preferred). Basically, system breaks down like this:
Free links. You can post as many as you want, catalog requires reciprocal link, it may take up to 30 days for link to be approved and posted.
Direct links. Subscription based, that is – your link stays direct as long as you pay, after subscription expires we keep your link for free but via redirect script. Takes up to 24 hours since the payment is posted to publish the link.
Direct client links. Clients of Zealus Web Design Studio get listed with direct links for free. Posted as soon as client’s web site is considered complete.
Preferred. Premium subscription direct links, always displayed above the rest of the links, links printed in bold letters. After subscription expires we keep link for free, still in bold, however, no displaying preference will be given. Posted as free immediately, upgraded to preferred within 24 hours of payment confirmation.

Right now system is ready to accept free subscriptions, PayPal subscriptions will be added shortly, payment by credit card is still being contemplated.

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AquaShield Pool enclosure and my bad english :)

Got a call from the client this morning – he complained that the text on the front page is written in bad English. My first reaction was to ask – how many people REALLY read what’s written there… and what’s more important for him – good page ranking in search engines or some mistakes (they are, actually, just sentences that are hard to read, not so much mistakes) that will hardly be notices.

Here’s what’s there now:

Let Aqua Shield increase your entertaining space and transform your outdoor pool into an indoor paradise all year round.

Aqua Shield Inc. is a manufacturer of State of the Art Telescopic Pool Enclosures. Our unique patented design of any pool enclosure has all the advantages of traditional enclosures, but incorporates a telescopic feature (that’s why we also call it telescopic pool enclosure) that allows one piece seamless sections to slide under each other effortlessly, while maintaining a watertight seal and minimizing the loss of heat generated by the sun or water heater.

{large picture here}

Aqua Shield has all the advantages of the traditional enclosures, but
incorporates a telescopic pool enclosure design that allows one piece seamless arches
to slide under each other effortlessly, while maintaining a watertight
seal and minimizing loss of heat generated by sun or water heater.

Not so much for repeating text, but for making sure the keywords are there did I care 🙂