January Search Trends

Searches for porn, mp3 and super bowl at Google Trends - Small Business blog Thanks to Google Trends we can now know the power of Internet users’ will. Take a look at the last 30 days trends chart. While search terms “porn” and “mp3” dominate the chart, the “super bowl” is on the rise but still way too low.

I tried to include the search term “fashion show”, since there is one under way in New York, but it just hugged the bottom and didn’t produce any significant flows on this chart.

My guess (or guesstimate) is that both “porn” and “mp3” are too broad terms, therefore they are sought more often and produce more meaningful results. In case of “super bowl” or “fashion show” – latter being even more obvious – there’s only a handful of web sites that provide fulfilling and concise information on the subject. Actually, fashion show addicts are either glued to TVs or to the doors of many New York locations where shows are held.

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Yahoo clicks aren`t clicking

Today I got a call from one of my clients asking me to check stats with him as he is seeing certain discrepancies in Overture reports. We went in and figured that the number of clicks reported by Overture roughly 3 times larger then what is being reported by AWstats. Upon contact, Yahoo/Overture issued a statement that basically says “your software is badwe know better”. Alright, we thought, and ventured to check on Google. The result was astonishing – the difference was 0.6%. Either Google is very good at serving ads that are traceable, or Yahoo/Overture isn’t being honest. Or both.